1. How did you first get into blogging?
I've always loved sharing ideas and styling tips with friends and family. My sister actually introduced me to blogging a few years ago and I saw this entire new world. People were sharing so much, not just fashion and beauty related, but their day to day lives and I loved it! I then decided to start my own and wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on fashion and styling.

2. Who/what would you say inspired you?
People inspire me every day. It was a natural progression from reading so many admirable fashion blogs such as The Blonde Salad, Face Hunter and Style Bubble.
3. How did they/this inspire you?
It all pretty much started through my Instagram when I post a picture of my outfit for example, I'd get so many comments asking where I got my jacket from or where I got my shoes from. I'd even get sent direct messages from both men and women asking me to put together outfits for them for an event they had to attend. So I thought if this many people have an interest for my tips and advice, it would be a really good opportunity to give the people what they want and start one purely to help them.

4. How many hours do you spend working on a blog post?
Depending on what the post is, I'd say around 2-3 hours excluding the prior preparation.

5. Would you say it takes up part of your time?
Of course, it takes time especially when the post has a lot of text on it. But having said that, it's not a bad thing as I love doing it.

6. Is there a category of your blog that you love writing for more?
The posts I love doing more are the styling ones. I love putting together outfits so others can get an idea of how to style a piece and want to recreate their own version of the outfit.

7. Most aspiring bloggers expect their blogs to become successful quick, would you say that's the case?
Yes, many people make the mistake of expecting to be successful overnight. However, it won't happen with that sort of mind-set because it can take months and even years. With blogging, you have to be really passionate and committed for the sake of your audience. You have to make a schedule of what days to post so your readers know when to visit your blog, and not make the error of posting one day and disappear for 3 weeks. One thing I always have to remember is that I started blogging for them. So once you lose that passion and commitment, you'll lose your audience.

8. How long did it take for your blog to be recognisable
Hopefully, my blog will forever be growing! But it took around 5-8 months for it to really trigger off and start getting a lot of views.
9. Is the content and writing techniques in your blog parallel to your personality (describe your personality)? 
I'd describe my blog content as "mono-minimalistic chic" which to me means very black and white, simple and chic, which reflects my personality and style well. If I was reading a blog, I'd want it to be simple, straight to the point and easy to read and accordingly give that to my readers too.

10. Do you feel like you are an inspiration to your blog readers?
I wouldn't think of myself as an inspiration! But I hope my posts are somewhat inspirational to my readers.

11. When creating a blog post, what does this consist of in terms of photography and the process?
Before any blog post, I have to write down all my ideas. I can't write up a post from the top of my head without having done prior research and preparation. If photography is required, I'll get assistance from my sister to photograph an outfit for me or simply use my tripod. I'll make sure that the background used is simple and there's not too much going on to make the outfit/product being photographed stand out. Then I'll upload all the content to my laptop and edit ones that need to be edited such as brightening the picture or increasing the contrast of it, then I'd start writing up the post.

12. I have been following you on Instagram for some time now and your pictures reflect your blogs photos. What advice would you give about taking pictures for Instagram?
I'd say simply post what you like on Instagram even if that's pictures of food, outfits or your family and friends. I post my outfits I'm wearing to university or something fashion related that interests me or even just a good old selfie! However one piece of advice I'd recommend is when you have published a new blog post, upload a picture from there onto your Instagram telling your followers that you have a new post up. It's a great form of advertising. Keep in mind, people will follow you for YOU so you might aswell post what you want really.

13. What camera do you use for blogging and would you say it's important to invest in a good camera for quality?
Photography has always interested me so I have to make sure my pictures are perfect to me before I publish them. I use a Canon 600D or the Sony a5100 purely because they have flip screens (so I can see myself) which makes it easy for me when my camera is on timer-mode! However, it's not necessary to invest on a big SLR camera. So long as the quality is good and the picture isn't pixelated, you'll be fine.

14. In your about me section it says you want to pursue your dreams in the fashion industry, what is it that you want to pursue?
Many of my readers may not know but I study International Fashion Promotion at university full time. I love it! However my goal right now is to go into buying once I have graduated. But we'll see what the future has to offer me!

15. Advice on creating a blog?
1. Do it because you are passionate. I cannot stress this enough! People start blogging to just receive free goods and invites to fashion shows but they won't get anywhere. You have to take it seriously and have the right approach.
2. Be authentic and different. Find your unique selling point and do things that haven't been done before.
3. Network. Make friends and lots of them! Make friends with other bloggers, do collaborations together! Create a Twitter and Instagram account and link your blog posts and get yourself out there so you can reach out and get an audience. Social media is the most important form of advertising these days. It's free so take advantage!
4. Interact with your readers. Make sure you know what your readers want. Ask them for feedback. Ask them what kind of posts they'd like to see. Remember, your blog is for them!
5. Most importantly, just be YOU!