TAG: Get to know me! ♥

I saw this tag going around and thought it would be fun to do something a little different on my blog, so relax, get a cup of tea and I hope you enjoy reading!

  1. What’s your favourite season? Winter, of course.
  2. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4. "This strange office is his museum."
  1. Who was the last person you texted? Aisha, my sister.
  2. Before you started this survey, what were you doing? I was watching tv with my Dad.
  1. What is the last thing you watched on TV? Sky News.
  2. Without looking, guess what time it is. 06:15pm.
  3. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time? 06:39pm.
  4. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? The song I'm listening to.
  5. Do you tan or burn? Tan.
  6. Do you like fish? Yes, however not all types.
  7. Mac or PC? Mac.
  8. Do you remember your dreams? Most of the time, yes.
  9. When did you last laugh? This afternoon.
  10. Do you remember why / at what? At my crazy friend!
  11. Have you ever been to Canada? No, but I sure would love to!
  12. Shoes, socks, or bare feet? Shoes and socks.
  13. Do you wear perfume? All day, everyday! Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, Giorgio Armani Si and Gucci Guilty Intense are my faves.
  14. What is the last film you saw? Fast and Furious 7. Can we just take a moment for that ending though..
  15. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Los Angeles, ahh the dream!
  16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy? A villa in LA, duh!
  17. Where would you live if you could live anywhere? Someone has short term memory loss maybe?
  18. What’s your favourite band? I don't have one.
  19. Have you ever had to have surgery? No.
  20. Do you enjoy University? Yes, I love it!
  21. What do you think of these questions so far? They're alright I suppose.
  22. Are you a righty or a lefty? Righty.
  23. Who made the last incoming call on your phone? My Dad.
  24. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer? From what I can recall, Adobe Illustrator.
  25. Last time you swam in a pool? About a week ago at a spa however I didn't actually swim..
  26. Type of music you dislike most? Classical, rock, grime..
  27. Are you listening to music right now? I am indeed!
  28. What’s your favourite colour? I don't really have one, but anything neutral. So black, white, grey or nude.
  29. Is there anything that you’re disappointed about? Hmm, no. I'm content right now, الحمد لله
  30. What was the last thing you bought? Soap & Glory hand food.
  31. Sun or Rain? Sun!
  32. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? Sky diving but I'm too scared to.
  33. What’s your zodiac sign? Gemini baby!
  34. What’s your hair colour? Off-black.
  35. What quote do you live by? "Life goes on" as cliché as that sounds!
  1. What’s your favourite zoo animal? Lions! Such beautiful animals!
  2. Do you have any pets? No.
  3. What colour are your eyes? Brown.
  4. Do you wear any kind of jewellery 24/7? I don't really. If I do, it's my favourite necklace gifted to me by Spring Detox or a watch or my hermès bangle. 
  5. Do you turn the water off when you brush your teeth? Nooooo, don't tell my Dad or I'll be getting a huge lecture!!
  6. Do you know how to change your car’s oil? Yes.
  7. Do you have any phobias? Spiders, eeek.
  8. What’s your lucky number? I don't have one.
  9. Have you ever eaten a crayon? No, LOL. But when I was younger, I used to eat the burnt part of a match stick and you know how you get holes in the wall and there's dry concrete falling off? I used to eat that too. I know, I was clearly an unfed, mentally unstable child.
  10. Can you solve a Rubix cube? Oh hell no, they mess with my brain.
  11. What are you listening to right now? Often - The Weeknd
  12. Do you like Marmite? No.
  13. Do you wear the hood on hoodies? No, because I don't wear hoodies.
  14. Is the glass half empty or half full? Half empty! 
  15. What’s the farthest-away place you've been? Dubai.
  16. Do you untie your shoes before taking them off? Yes.
  17. What’s your favourite radio station? I don't listen to the radio. I'm a Spotify kinda gal.
  18. Are you allergic to anything? No.
  19. Were you named after anyone? No..
  20. Do you wear glasses/contacts? Both. Contact lenses more.
  21. Have you ever walked out of a movie theatre before the film was finished? Not that I remember of, noo!
  22. What was your least favourite school subject? History, yuck!
  23. Put your iTunes library on shuffle. What’s the first song that comes up? She Will - Lil Wayne ft Drake.
  24. Do you wear jeans or sweatpants more? Jeans.
  25. Where in the world would you like to travel? Thailand, Bali, Singapore, New York... Everywhere!
  26. Are you travelling anywhere soon? Bulgaria in a couple of weeks hopefully.
  27. Have you every built an igloo? I haven't, no.
  28. Best thing at starbucks? Cold: Decaff skinny coffee frappe. Hot: Gingerbread Latte.
  29. Do you like watching scary movies? Hardly!
  30. What’s the best thing about Uni? The fact that I learn something new about my industry every day.
  31. What were you doing at midnight last night? Freaking out about the Balmain x H&M collab!!!!
  32. What’s under your bed? Nothing.
  33. How do you really feel about what you are doing right now at this exact moment? I actually don't know but honey, this ain't no therapy!
  34. Think fast, what do you like right now? This sandlewood incense stick I have burning in my bedroom.
  35. Are you sarcastic? Oh gosh, never!
  36. What time do you get up? Around 8:00am if I'm good.
  37. What was the name of your first pet? We had a budgie called tweety. So original right?
  38. What colour are your sheets? Black and white.
  1. How are you feeling right now? Why are these questions so repetitive?! 
  2. What was your favourite food when you were a child? I didn't have a favourite, I love food!
  3. How are you feeling right now? Dude, for real though, quit playing like that.
  4. Can you whistle? No.
  5. Do you drink soda? Hardly, I'm always drinking water.
  6. Have you read the Harry Potter series? No, but I've watched them all. Does that count?
  7. Can you drive a stick shift? Nope.
  8. What’s your favourite candle scent? Anything apart from vanillary, cakey, sickly yankee candles-ey is a no no! 
  9. Have your pants ever fallen down in public? LOL, no!
  10. Do you sing in the shower? Sometimes, yes.
  11. Can you speak another language? I unaweza!
  12. Can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows? Yes, it's not that difficult..
  13. Dogs or cats? Don't hate me, but neither!
  14. Do you make wishes at 11:11? No.
  15. What’s your favourite type of chapstick? Raw coconut oil. Keeps my lips hydrated all day.
  16. Which came first the chicken or the egg? Don't get me started..
  17. What are you reading now? That question you just asked me..?
  18. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? Noo.
  19. Can you walk in heels? For sure, I live in heels.
  20. How many rings before you answer the phone? A good few.
  21. Any new and exciting things that you would like to share? Now that would be telling!
  22. What is most important in life? Family and being happy.
  23. What Inspires You? Hard-working people.