Pamper night ft. LUSH Cosmetics

I love going into Lush, the scent of the store draws me in all the time! The staff are SO helpful and welcoming which makes the whole experience ten times better. I picked up the "amandopondo" bubble bar, "ceridwen's cauldron" bath melt along with the "cosmetic warrior" fresh face mask.
The amandopondo bubble bar is a rose scented bar which forms the bubbles for your bath. You slowly crumble the product under the tap while your tub is filling up. The rose scent makes you feel uplifted but relaxed, along with the sweet orange and lemon oils. It's a very standard bubble bar in comparison to the rest of the lush bubble bar range. It doesn't leave your bath colourful nor leaving any glitter around.
The ceridwen's cauldron bath melt is my absolute favourite lush product to date! It's a dream for dry/sensitive skin and smells incredible. You simply drop it into the bath tub with the muslin cloth left on and let it float around while it releases the oily oatmilk. It's filled with oats, coco butter, sandalwood oil and rose absolute. When it's melted in your tub, use the bag as a wash cloth over your body. Your skin will be softer than ever before!
It was my first time using the cosmetic warrior fresh face mask. It combats breakouts and improves skim texture. The tea tree and garlic are used as anti-bacteria's which together cleanses the skin thoroughly. Fresh green grapes are used also to help calm and cool down the skin along with honey to add softness and moisture. It felt so refreshing and left my skin feeling squeaky clean and moisturised!