The Fashionable lives of Manhattan’s elite: The Brant Brothers

20 year old Peter Brant Jr. and 17 year old Harry Brant aren’t what you call typical American youth, with high-flying parents the brothers are often in the limelight due to their busy social lives and eccentric style.

With a supermodel mother - Stephanie Seymore, it’s no wonder their modelling careers have skyrocketed with Peter featuring in Givenchy’s 2014 Fall/Winter campaign alongside Kendall Jenner and Harry walking in Paris FW early this year. The socialite brothers are often spotted frow.

Their flair for fashion is inspired by royalty (think Dolce and Gabbana regal collection 2012-2013), lots of embroidery, brocade and pins! Peter incorporates lots of ascots with his outfits - all tied differently suiting to the look he’s going for. The high society, self-proclaimed fashion hoarders carry an LV steamer trunk full to the brim with bad press and controversy, but there’s no stopping them.With Linda Evangelista & Naomi Campbell as godmothers, John Galliano as their mentor and Courtney Love on speed dial, can you expect any less?!