It's about time I started this blog! Due to being a full time student, I haven't had the chance to dedicate a couple of hours of my time blogging. However, a sudden rush of inspiration and motivation has finally come my way (which is shocking) hence why I'm currently sat in bed, listening to music and blogging. It's safe to say that this is rather therapeutic and I'm enjoying this very much.. But let's see how it goes.

I love writing about current trends and current topics in today's world therefore having this blog will not only allow me to express my opinions but will also expand my knowledge for today's fashion and lifestyle so that's what this blog is really going to be about. I will be posting OOTD's, topic Tuesdays (this will be fashion related, beauty related, what I eat and what I do, where I go, topics in the news.. and I think you get the idea..), reviews and snapshots.

- Loving this already, update you soon!